Becca and I are going to Germany in a fe…

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Becca and I are going to Germany in a few days. I am totally excited about this. I have felt called to go to Germany for several years now and we are going to see what that’s all about. I guess I’m just getting used to the word “called”. I use it to mean that I have a feeling that I am meant to live an a German speaking country. I suppose that this could also include Austria. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we will be able to go to Austria on this short trip but I’m not that worried about it. I am praying that God would be clear about what he wants us to do over there.

Becca(my wife) has been really supportive in this. If it weren’t for her I would probably still be dragging my feet on the whole thing. I consider her to be a big confirmation bringer in my life. When I have a feeling about something she often confirms it for me. When that happens I feel like I’m closer to God’s will. Thanks Bex!

Back to the trip. We will be visiting Christus Gemeinde in Gau-Algesheim Germany. It’s close to the Rhein and not far from Mainz. I will be leading the music at that church next Sunday and hopefully singing in German with some degree of accuracy. I love the German language but singing in it is no easy task.

Anyway if you are one who prays please pray for our trip and that God would be clear to us about what we should do.

If you are one who wishes luck than please do so accordingly.

One thought on “Becca and I are going to Germany in a fe…

  1. Ryan,
    I didn’t know you did the whole blog thing!! 🙂 I hope you keep it up in Germany so we can follow your journeys!! When do you officially leave?? We’ll miss you guys, like we already do, for sure!!

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