Original Germany Story…


This is the history of my relationship with Gau Algesheim and the surrounding events. In 2006 I led a group of high schoolers and 3 adults on a missions trip to Christus Gemeinde. We helped them build a new building and run some summer camps. When I say that I ‘led’ the trip I mean that I was officially the leader. Actually most of the organization and coordination of the trip was done by Nancy Mowrey. Basically things just happened and I allowed them. I feel like that’s the way  life works anyway. God makes things happen and they  happen to work out for our good in the end. The pain factor is directly proportional to the resistance that we exert against God’s hand.

We stayed at the Erdmann’s house. I was teaching the Erdmann children piano lessons in Ridgefield, Connecticut when we were planning the trip to Gau Algesheim. One day after my lessons I was speaking to Gabi Erdmann and I told her about my plans for a missions trip to Christus Gemeinde in Gau Algesheim Germany. Little did I know that she had a house in that town and was a member of that church. Ultra convenient. She offered us the house for our two week stay.

We worked with the community for  those two weeks. We had three teams of students who spent one week helping the church build a new building, and the other week working as counselors at children’s summer camps. It was my first missions trip as the leader and I loved the experience.

Three days after the trip I returned to Germany for a one month European tour with the mega dorky hardcore band Shai Hulud. If I remember correctly we played about 28 shows in 30 days throughout Europe. It was absolutely amazing. I got to reconnect with some of the people from Christus Gemeinde at one of our shows. From missions to metal!!! \m/ !!!! For your information the following symbol \m/ represents the metal fist. Just a cheesy punk subculture icon for all of you who are not familiar with ‘the rock’.

A couple of years before all of this I was on a trip to Austria with a similar missions group. There I fell in love with the language, came back and studied German for over a year and spend some time in Germany and Austria in the summer of 2005. By the time I went to Gau Algesheim I had already been prepared for the possibility that God might call me to live in a place where they speak German. So between the Summer and Fall of 2006 I was in German speaking places for nearly one full month. It was at that point that I felt truly pulled to Germany.  After that trip and the tour I came back to the states, toured a bit, worked, met Becca, fell in love, got married, moved around and went back to Germany in October of 2010. We decided to move there.

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