Christmas Time Travels


It’s Christmas. I’m sitting in the Mowrey’s living room. There is a cozy feeling here. A perfectly proportioned tree, horrible songs playing on the TV, the smell of delicious ham in the oven. It’s nice.

Becca and I have been packing and sorting our things for about 3 weeks now. Moving to a foreign country is a full time job. In the evenings we have been getting together with people to say our “good byes” and “see you soons”. We went to visit some people in Washington, DC this past weekend. It was awesome even though I had a headache and fever. On the first leg of our trip we visited our friends Matt and Rita who live in the Philadelphia area. As an added bonus I got to see an old friend from the band. Catching up was great and restorative. We spent the night with them and left for DC on Saturday morning. Matt and I hugged in a manly embrace that morning. He is one of my best friends out there. I suspect that we will see each other nearly as much as we do now.

We then went to Washington to visit with Caleb and Ashley. We met them at a crowded restaurant. I love the conversations that we have together. Caleb and Ashley have very nimble minds and it’s easy to talk about almost any subject with them in a protracted manner. Talking to them about our recent decision to Germany helped me to gain some perspective on our purpose. Caleb is a good mirror for me. By that I mean, when I talk to him about things it’s easy to see where my motives are coming from. I try to spend a good amount of time with people who I consider to be good mirrors. They keep me honest and help me hone my perspective. We went to a guitar store and played with some neat gear. I love gear.

We then met went over to our friend Lisa’s house. She also lives in the city. We ordered in because I was feeling really terrible. Time with Lisa is quality time. She is also planning to move to a foreign country to follow a calling that she feels from God so we had a lot to talk about. Lisa is mega fun to be with even when we are just in the house being relatively quiet.

In the morning we went to Capital City Church. It was the church that we went to when we lived in the area. They are the best church in the world at making people feel welcomed. I actually believe that people should go there to learn the skill of greeting. More to come about this. I think that this is the main thing that churches should be good at.

Anyway our trip was totally worth it. The service was amazing and we got to see our friends Rich and Emily for lunch. They might be the best conversationalists that I know. They have a couple of kids now and are the type of people who are not tied down to what their kids are doing. This also means that they are spontaneous. I love that.

One thought on “Christmas Time Travels

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Your life is so interesting! I had no idea you have done so much and grown into this incredible person! I am so proud of you and so very happy for you. I left you a note on facebook. As crazy as it may seem, I am currently in Frankfurt and spend about a week here every 6 weeks. Not sure where you are in Germany, but noticed you said you flew into FF…would be really something if we end up catching up in Germany! Hugs, Susan

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