Here are some pictures from this past week. We have been using bikes to get around recently. I didn’t fully realize until this weekend but this area seems to be designed for bike riding. I used a bike for all travel this week except for going to my music lessons. For that I used the moped that we are borrowing from our Rwandan friend Japhet. He and his wife had a baby blessing this weekend. It was awesome. More about it an another post.

After the party we got on our bikes to ride home. It’s about a 15-20 minute ride back to Ingelheim. Becca suggested that we do some exploring because we had the rest of the day free. It ended up being such an awesome date time. We decided to just ride north towards the Rhein river. It’s easy to tell which way is which because there are mountains on the other side of the river. Somehow whenever I ask someone what direction they live in they never know. Back to the story. I can’t really express how beautiful the scenery was on our ride. We took a detour through what looked like a nature center. It lead us to bike paths that go in all directions stretching for hundreds of miles.


Here is a picture of us on a path that we found that goes right along the Rhein. This is actually two photos stitched together. Can you tell?


On the way home we passed a kid on rollerblades dressed up like Blossom. Actually after some thought I would say that she looks more like Six.

It’s been a pretty tough start here but with spring busting out all over it’s been easy to stay in good spirits. On top of that we got permission to work here a couple of weeks ago. I blurred the text on those things that we are holding. They are work visas! I have some music lessons going and Becca is working as a native English speaker at a Montessori school in a nearby town.

Two happy foreigners who are allowed to work.

End of post…………………………….

4 thoughts on “Bikes.

  1. So:

    1. I love the simplicity of this blog. It’s great!
    2. The scenery is amazing!!
    3. You’ve no idea how I envy your use of bikes! So great to be able to use them as your primary transport! I considered it here, but my job creates several roadblocks to completely getting rid of my car! : (
    4. Congrats on the visas!! (If that’s what they call them over there)
    5. You guys look very happy!!

    And that concludes my OCD numbered list of reasons why I love this post!

    – N

  2. 6. Well stitched, my friend! I could not tell.
    7. Becca, you rock that skirt and sneaker outfit!
    8. You look to be enjoying Germany, and finding/making your niche 🙂
    9. This reminds me of our ride on the Cape and makes me smile!
    10. Nathanael’s OCD method has its perks.

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