The other day I road my bike to work like usual. It was about 28 degrees Celsius (82F) and sunny so I went out in my shorts and a long sleeved button up shirt with no shirt underneath. This is widely accepted behavior in Europe so no fashion foul. When I finished up at the music school I got back on my bike to ride home.

Here is the course: I ride from the school less than a mile south to the Rhein. I take a path going west for about 2 miles. Then I hop on a ferry and take it across the river. Then I ride another 3 or so miles back to my apartment. Most of it is bike paths and it is a very beautiful ride.

Last week however it wasn’t the usual peaceful ride I’ve come to enjoy. As I was leaving the school the sky started to rumble. The temperature dropped about 12 degrees and it started “pre raining”. I made it to the ferry largely unscathed. The second we got to the other shore it poured. I don’t think I’ve even walked in rain this hard before. I was immediately soaked. I was pushing hard to keep warm but it was of little effect. The water surged through my shoes and socks. I have no fenders on the bike that I use simply because I can’t afford them. Dirt and gravel from the road flew up my shirt and on to my back. I got home about 20 minutes later and Becca let me in the gate. She brought me towels and kissed my forehead sympathetically.

The whole ride was a fight. I felt like Lieutenant Dan from Forest Gump in that scene where he’s on the boat in the storm shouting at God. I was totally frightened by the lightening that was happening. I was fairly certain that I would be killed. I then postulated that getting hit by lightening must be less likely than getting in a fatal car accident so I rode on.

Meanwhile I guess I’ll save up for a rain jacket and bike with fenders (The bike I’m currently riding is a loaner from my awesome neighbor Gunther.)

Please tell any soaked stories below!

One thought on “Soaked

  1. Oh man that sucks! First thing I got for my bike were fenders when I lived in SF, followed by a rain jacket and rain pants. Definitely not a fashion statement but what a rush blasting through the rain and puddles with nary a care in the world! Downside was that the jacket was completely waterproof and I’d end up drenched in sweat. The rain pants were better that way, but would only hold out the water for so long.

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