Why Should I Care About Gay Rights?

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When I got up today, I discovered a wellspring of poison. It’s called charismanews.com. A friend of mine posted an article from one of their opinion writers, Michael Brown. In his article My Response to Your Inaugural Speech, Mr. President, he spouts the familiar fundamentalist rhetoric. The author is a particularly outspoken member of the anti gay movement. He warns,

“what was once associated with the extremist views of radical gay activists is now as American as apple pie.”

If you’re into reading the odious ramblings of extreme devotion here is the link. Toxic Christian Link When I saw the status pop up on Facebook, I read the article right away. The friend in mention is someone whom I have looked up to for many years. This is what I posted on his status:

“I forgot how popular this stance was. I read this article along with the dozens of hateful and suspicious responses affirming it. I’m with the president on this one.”

It got a like. I looked back a few hours later and my comment had been deleted. I guess he didn’t want my voice in the conversation.

Reading through the comments on the Charisma News article was heart breaking. It’s perhaps the highest concentration of self righteous misinformation I’ve ever seen. A cacophony of poorly worded phrases shouting that homosexuality is disgraceful, how the president is leading the country into oblivion, how gays need to repent and be healed of their illness, how Christianity is being marginalized at the State level and so on. The ignorance is truly overwhelming.

The thing is that when you talk about LGBTQ’s we’re talking about a group that has been so marginalized that people are just now beginning to stand up for them. Just now, we, society are starting to wake up and realize that these people deserve rights. Religious people are complaining about threats on their ‘rights’ to subjugate and defame these people while the people in mention are fighting for the right to simply be who they are and enjoy the freedoms that others have enjoyed for millennia.

My comments get erased quite often on Christian pages. It’s OK. Their not curtailing my right to free speech. If I’d been arrested, that would be a First Amendment issue. I’ve noticed over the past couple of years that there are a lot of claims that Christians are being persecuted. These claims are often false or bloated.

Here’s the big question. Why do I care about gay rights when there are so many other problems going on in the world? With wars, disease, famine, and injustice, can’t we talk about something else? The answer is simple. Because freedom is important. If we can claim that we know what is better for people than they do, what have we become? Tyrants? Gods? I think that this is really about liberty. I’m happy that the President said what he said at his Inauguration and I hope that real progress comes our way.

7 thoughts on “Why Should I Care About Gay Rights?

  1. Thank you for being an ally. And- one cares, because everyone benefits from a diminution of prejudice. If someone is not the victim of prejudice she can develop her talents fully, and everyone benefits from that.

  2. Although I believe there are Christians who are persecuted for actually standing up for love and kindness, those persecution are not being complained about or voiced by the ones experiencing it. The majority of Christian persecution complaints I hear “straight from the horses mouth” are usually when they attempt to force their views upon someone else, then claim they’re being persecuted when someone doesn’t go along with it.

  3. Just remember that freedom applies to those you agree with as well as those you don’t. Freedom only for the things, people and causes of your choice is not true freedom. I agree with neither part on this particular article though I did agree in part from both sides.

  4. Datalaforge, well said. I also agree with drfreeth’s comment. The first thing that stuck out to me when I read the link article was that Christians think their freedom is being taken away when others don’t agree with them. It is toddler behavior in my opinion. The whole article makes no sense. I just want to shake the author and say, “Do you see what you wrote? Do you hear the hate coming from your mouth?”

    1. Thanks Susan. I wrote comments in response to the article but some of them were erased. I am engaged in a long conversation with someone from that site. They (yes I use ‘they’ as a singular neutral pronoun) warned me about Satan and quoting tons of scripture to me. I feel like this person is decent and caring but is simply compelled by something that I’m no longer compelled by. It’s weird because I really dislike the servile attitude and wildly unknowable claims that the person is making, and at the same time, I know where he/she is coming from. I’ve decided that I need to seriously limit the amount of time that I spend on those toxic fundie websites.

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